Best Cricket Betting Sites

  • Friday, Jan 8, 2021

Cricket in India is very popular, but we are sure that you already know this. If not, then we are not sure where you have been living. Cricket in India is absolutely huge, and we are definitely not exaggerating when we say that it is a religion for everyone that calls India home. If you do not believe us, then we suggest you take a walk down some streets in India and as many people as you can whether they like cricket or not. You will probably be walking for quite some time before you find someone who tells you they do not really like cricket. As well as watching this great sport, Indians love to bet on it too. In the following article, we shall take a close look at the best cricket betting sites in India as well as discuss India’s cricketing history and whether gambling is legal throughout the country.


Cricket in India

To kick start this article, we shall take a look at how cricket in India came into existence. It was, of course, thanks to the British who arrived on Indian soil at the beginning of the 1700s to start their colonization process. The soldiers and traders would sometimes have some spare time and they would spend this playing games of cricket. The local Indians had never seen such a sport before, so they were utterly amazed by it.

The first official cricket game took place in 1721, when the English settlers played the British Army. To this day, nobody actually knows which team was victorious. As the Brits began making their way northwards, they introduced this fun game to all the Indians that crossed their path along the way. They grew to adore this sport, and in 1792 the Calcutta Cricket Club (CCC) came in being. This was the second cricket club in the world.

The popularity of cricket continued to grow and grow and in 1848 the Parsi community built the Oriental Cricket Club. They then went on to become the first Indians to go on a cricket tour of England. They did not win their matches because they were not familiar with the conditions, but the English were still mightily impressed by the talent that was on show. In fact, they were so impressed by the Parsi cricketers that they eventually sent their own team to play them on Indian soil. The Parsi put in an even better performance because they were used to the conditions and went on to win the match by four wickets.

Lord Harris, Bombay’s Governor at the time, saw for himself just how good they were getting at cricket, so he came up with the idea of organising an annual matchup between the English and Parsi. It was not until 1911 that the first fully Indian team made a tour of England, and the country’s first international match was played 30 years later.

Cricket Betting Sites Online

Gambling in India is relatively straightforward as there are many cricket betting sites that have no problems when it comes to allowing Indian gamblers to sign up with them. In fact, there is such a wide variety of cricket betting sites that we can open an account with that it can often be difficult to find the betting site that is best for us. Luckily, there are many great comparisons sites available online that go a long way to helping us select the best gambling site for us. When you are searching for online cricket sites to register with so that you can start betting on cricket, there are some important criteria that you need to analyse closely before you take the plunge and complete the signing up process. We have listed the main criteria for you below:

  • The Welcome Bonus being offered
  • The odds being offered for the different markets
  • The plethora of cricket markets available
  • The security levels and who they are licensed by
  • The payment options that are available
  • Whether the customer service team is any good

Now, there is nothing out there that is stopping you from registering with the first semi-decent cricket betting sites that you find, but if you use this as your main tactic for finding a bookie to bet on cricket, then do not be too surprised if you end up with an account that you do not use at a bookmaker that you do not like. Thus, we really do suggest that you take the time to do a bit of research before you go ahead and register with online cricket sites. Please trust us when we say that spent doing research is definitely not time wasted.

Before you go ahead and place a cricket bet, it is vital that you take the time to do a bit of research first. Reading some of the latest cricket news can give you valuable information that can help you with your betting, and at you can find all the latest cricket news. Learning about the latest news in the cricketing world can improve your odds of making a successful bet.

Do All Betting Sites Accept Players from India

This is a question that many Indians like to ask, and the simple answer to this question is no. In fact, it is practically impossible to fine cricket betting sites that are happy to accept sports betting fans from wherever they are in the world. Online cricket sites and casinos will always have restrictions for gamblers from certain countries. However, this is not something that you should really concern yourself with as there are many cricket betting sites out there that allow us to register with them for a bit of cricket betting in 2021. There could be hundreds and hundreds of sites out there that do not allow those from India to register with them, but they are irrelevant as there are hundreds of others that do.


Which Are the Best Sites for Cricket Betting Online?

Online cricket sites, like everything in this life of ours, have not all been created equally. There are many online cricket sites that we can register with that are much better than some of their rivals. So, what do we think are some of the best bookies for Indians?

Well, we honestly believe that is a bookie that sits at the top of the pile due to the fact that they cater specifically to Indians. Therefore, since they are concerned mostly with the Indian gambling public, it can come as no big surprise to find out that 10Cric have a wide variety of cricket betting markets for the big cricket events and they are more than happy to offer great odds for all their markets. Their Welcome Bonus is nothing to turn your nose up at either, they have a very good customer service team, and a great mobile app that allows you to place bets on cricket or any other sport wherever you happen to be.

Betway is another extremely good bookie that we suggest you consider opening an account with. They arrived on the betting scene back in 2008, and in the time since they have put in plenty of time and effort to turn themselves into one of the world’s best sportsbooks. They offer all of their customers plenty of markets and top odds for all the different sports that they have on offer. If you decide to register with them, then you can claim a very good Welcome Bonus and make use of one of the best apps available at this moment. can make a claim as being one of the best bookmakers around for Indian sports bettors although they have only been around since 2016. If you believe the is the best sportsbook for you and you decide to sign up with them, then you will have around 30 different types of sports that you can bet on, with plenty of markets and high odds for the best cricket matches and events. Furthermore, they offer all their players a quality Welcome Bonus, very good customer support, and many of the best payment options. They do not currently have a mobile app, but their mobile site is more than good enough.

Legal Betting in India

At the moment, the only kinds of gambling that are allowed throughout India is the lottery and horse racing. There are some exceptions to this rule since you can find brick and mortar casinos in Goa and Sikkim as well as partake in other types of gambling without having to worry about whether you are breaking the law or not. This is why these two destinations are very popular among tourists. Indian gambling regulations are pretty vague since they do not mention online gambling – this makes a lot of sense since the Act that is being used first came into being when there was no Internet. Therefore, at this current moment, you will not be breaking any laws by signing up with an online bookmaker so long as they are not based in India.

The government of India know just how much money can be made from gamblers, which is why they are seeking to eventually fully regulate gambling across India. They have seen how successful it has been in places such as Sikkim and Goa and would like that to be the case for the rest of India. Additionally, they feel that by regulating gambling they can cut out the plague that is black market gambling. So, most types of gambling are prohibited at the moment in India, but this is something that is likely to change very soon.